Programme Workshops

Creative Collaboration

Sadie & Jay - Collaborative Songwriting - Tues 2 Jan 11 am – Workshop Space

An intimate performance and an interactive discussion on how to maximise each other’s strengths when writing songs in partnership. We aim to encourage & inspire those interested in songwriting with partners. We love to hear feedback that songs are in the making after one of our workshops. 

Half Light - A process for writing and arranging original music - Sun 31 Dec 2 pm – Workshop Space

Half Light play mostly original compositions, recognisably rooted in the Celtic tradition but with unfamiliar elements.  Bob & Rennie discuss their writing process, how they arrange their tunes, and what comes first and last.

Lara Rose Band - Taking your song to the band - Mon 1 Jan 1 pm – Troop Den

Lara's bringing her new song to band practice and you're invited. Lara Rose and her band will show you how they work up a song from scratch. Join in and help us. You're welcome to bring an instrument.

Dodd & Egenes - The Un-Workshop - Mon 1 Jan 3 pm – Workshop Space

Johns Dodd and Egenes will reveal some of their deepest musical secrets in this select get together of the like-minded. Explore music making and performance through the eyes of the masters, while embarking upon an adventure based within the music of the spheres and the untold stories of the mystics of long ago.

There will be no formal agenda here, no predictable, machine-washed industry course on how to make it in the music business. You will not learn how to play the guitar or ukulele, or how to write and sing a song. Instead, as they usually do, Dodd and Egenes will make it all up on the spot. Your job will be to ask questions and offer your observations on whichever topics you prefer. The two music swamis will be there to guide the gathering through a transcendental journey of
musical sustenance and nourishment (bring your own food...).

Don't forget to bring your instrument. There's a good chance you'll need it.

Expand your knowledge and skills

Manuela Centanni - Playing the flute without tension - Sun 31 Dec 11 am – Workshop Space

Achieve a big free sound with the minimum of effort. Manuela has a bachelor degree in flute from the Conservatory of Bologna. Although not wanting to mix classical with traditional styles she can explain and demonstrate, through her facility, how to play with ease and not strain. 

Robert Zielinski The Donegal fiddle style - Mon 1 Jan 11 am Rob – Workshop Space

Rob will share what learnt from his mentor, Mick Doherty, who was a member of the iconic Doherty family of travelling fiddle players, storytellers and tin smiths from Donegal. 

Thompson Springs - Chicago Blues - Mon 1 Jan 2pm – Workshop Space

An intimate conversation about the Blues with Matt Smith of Thompson Springs. Matt will talk about his experience with playing blues in Chicago and the business of organising band tours, offering insights and helpful tips to other musicians aiming to go on the road. He also plans to lead a little blues jam. He says, 12 bar blues songs are easier to play than people think, they just have to get their heads around the format. Once you do, everyone can play it. Bring an instrument!

Tui Mamaki - Bulgarian Singing Workshop - Sun 31 Dec 3 pm – Workshop space


Learn some ancient diaphonic (two voiced) song from Western Bulgaria, with Tui Mamaki. Try out that coppery tone, that bewitchingly close harmony, those playful odd-metre rhythms. Experience an embodied approach to voice production, symbiotic breathing and the physical delights of interferential polyphony. Tui has been facilitating dynamic voice workshops for over 20 years, inspired by her studies in Theatre & Voice, Jazz Performance and Bulgarian Folklore.

Qigong with Jay - 1 Jan 9.00 am - Hall

Qigong (say it Chi-Gong) is a meditative practice originating in China using gentle flowing movements, breathing techniques and relaxation. This workshop will give you simple tools and exercises that you can use in daily life to help you stay focused, reduce stress and find more joy in life.

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