Programme TUi MAMAKi (NZ)



Feature Concert
Mon 1 Jan  | 2 pm | Marquee

Sun 31 Dec | 3 pm | Workshop space

TUi MAMAKi (Intimate Neo-Folk)

The haunting, spirited vocals of TUi MAMAKi tell koan like tales of birth, blooming, harvest and transcendence. Eastern tainted melodies adorn hypnotic odd-meter grooves, elegantly picked on electric-guitar. This is a meeting of tenderness and power. Original compositions - inspired by TUi MAMAKi’s love affair with Bulgaria, her whakapapa in France, and more recently by motherhood - are spliced with her grandmothers’ songs.
"Stunning. Sparse instrumentation, powerful lyrics, alternative deliveries... We really need this kind of magic." (NZ Musician)
"Hypnotic, intoxicating, beguiling... A balm of sorts, the right tonic." (Simon Sweetman _ Off The Tracks)
"Deeply evocative & contemplative... Ancestral voices calling from just beyond the veil” (Jacquie Walters _

TUi (formerly of Mamaku Project) disappeared to Bulgaria in 2014... Where is Bulgaria!? In her childhood record collection, in her impossible dreams, as far east in Europe as you can go, and now, deeply woven into her music, as she trained/lived for three years in the home of that bewitching Bulgarian Folklore. Her album FLY is a distillation of this experience. Curious to discover what original compositions might emerge post “Bulgaria”, she listened from a new silence. Holed up in a Soviet style block, in Plovdiv, through the heat of the 2016 summer, armed with an acoustic guitar and an addiction to picking newfound rhythms, a collection of songs emerged, were recorded in the South of France that autumn, and released/toured in 2018.

Since, Tui has become a mother. Her new song cycle called “The Moon & The Machine”- featuring devotional compositions, born of the disappearing act of becoming a parent - received “Best Music” at Whangarei Fringe Festival 2022 and is currently being recorded.



Bulgarian Singing Workshop

Learn some ancient diaphonic (two voiced) song from Western Bulgaria, with Tui Mamaki. Try out that coppery tone, that bewitchingly close harmony, those playful odd-metre rhythms. Experience an embodied approach to voice production, symbiotic breathing and the physical delights of interferential polyphony. Tui has been facilitating dynamic voice workshops for over 20 years, inspired by her studies in Theatre & Voice, Jazz Performance and Bulgarian Folklore.


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