Programme Monty Bevins (NZ)

Monty Bevins (NZ)

Monty Bevins (NZ)

Feature Concert
Sun 31 Dec | 12 noon | Marquee

Evening Concert
Mon 1 Jan | 7.30 pm | Marquee

Monty Bevins is a New Zealand based singer-songwriter. Known as a touching, spirited performer, whose soul-folk songs ask the big questions while telling the small stories, Bevins has built a loyal following throughout his homeland. With a warm rich voice and articulate guitar grooves, he digs out and distils themes of tenderness, personal revolution and adventure.

"The ones who give my respect muscle the biggest charge are the small ones, the hopeful ones, they cast big shadows in my mind. I've been watching this one fella for a while, going round and round and up and down making small moves for the right reasons with the best of spirits" Adam McGrath

"Monty, thanks for your soulful music last night, it was good talking with you afterwards. Your lyrics and sounds seemed to cast a spell, I experienced something in your music I have never felt before." David Cartwright

"I feel I could listen to Monty's lyrics over and over and find something new each time. It feels effortless yet it has the weight of much care and craft" Jess Shanks





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