A Final Note

Thursday 25th January 2018

A Final Note

From former director Anna Bowen.

And another bead has been threaded onto the long and colourful necklace of Whare Flat Festivals reaching back into time and always around to find again its Folk beginnings.  

This year we were full to the brink, with glorious artists, with four generations of punters, with concerts, sessions and workshops, with plenty of sunshine (on the last two days), with campers and tents, with song and with instruments. What a great vibe!

So many of you came out, the place was absolutely buzzing.

The Honky-tonk tent was honking, our new stage was put to the test by the sheer weight of talent displayed on it, the hall was heaving with dance workshops. There were musicians playing at all times in all places available. There was a trio of two trombones and a drum kit in the tent next to mine but they were out most of the time. So was I.

A massive thank you must go out to all our volunteers without whom none of this would have happened. Every year they come back, they work hard, they take things in their stride, they miss out on their favourite artist because something has to be done; they smile and sing and party and try and do it all the next day. Quite a few work on the festival throughout the year too. Thank you, you are amazing.

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