Programme Robert Zielinski & Manuela Centanni (AUS/IT)

Robert Zielinski & Manuela Centanni (AUS/IT)

Robert Zielinski & Manuela Centanni (AUS/IT)

Feature Concert
Tues 2 Jan | 3 pm | Marquee

Evening concert
Mon 1 Jan | 7.30 pm | Marquee

Manuela - Sun 31 Dec |11 am | Workshop Space
Rob - Mon 1 Jan |11 am | Workshop Space

Robert Zielinski (Western Australia) and Manuela Centanni (Italy) met in New Zealand three years ago. They have performed many concerts since, becoming known for their tone and uncanny unison playing, weaving lively jigs and reels, haunting slow airs and Rob's original compositions inspired by the remote Great Southern region of WA.

Robert grew up in the Perth hills, learning traditional Irish music since he was eight years old, first with Sean Doherty and later Mick Doherty. Mick was a member of a family of traveling fiddle players, storytellers and tinsmiths from Co. Donegal. Mick’s uncle was the iconic fiddle player Johnny Doherty, featured on many recordings and the documentary “The fiddler on the road”. At seventeen years of age, Robert moved to Ireland, where he spent 14 years living on the West coast. He has toured in the USA, Europe and Australia. He taught for three years at the Galway School of Traditional Irish Music and in 2000 he won Ireland’s Michael Coleman Traditional Fiddle Player of the Year Award. Robert is also a violin maker and performs on a violin he made himself.

Manuela has a bachelor degree in flute performance from Bologna Conservatoire. In 2014 she moved to New Zealand, where she found a vibrant traditional music scene in Dunedin. It was here she was able to pursue her lifetime dream to play traditional music. Between local sessions, festivals, ceilidh and the Dunedin Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, this nurturing and friendly environment enabled her to quietly explore many aspects of this music. In 2018 she bought a wooden flute from Chris Norman from Nova Scotia, a copy of a Rudall Rose flute. She has since specialised in the wooden flute with a special interest in the music of blind 17th century Irish harpist Turlough O’Carolan.


Manuela Centanni - Playing the flute without tension

Achieve a big free sound with the minimum of effort. Manuela has a bachelor degree in flute from the Conservatory of Bologna. Although not wanting to mix classical with traditional styles she can explain and demonstrate, through her facility, how to play with ease and not strain.  

Robert Zielinski The Donegal fiddle style

Rob will share what learnt from his mentor, Mick Doherty, who was a member of the iconic Doherty family of travelling fiddle players, storytellers and tin smiths from Donegal. 


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