Programme Dodd & Egenes (NZ)

Dodd & Egenes (NZ)

Dodd & Egenes (NZ)

Feature Concert
Sun 31 Dec | 1 pm | Marquee

Evening concert
Tues 2 Jan | 7.30 pm | Marquee

Mon 1 Jan | 3 pm | Workshop Space

Given the chance to see two of the hottest up and coming musicians on the planet, you can’t afford NOT to be at Whare Flat this year when John and John take the stage. Everyone’s talking about them, with a huge industry buzz surrounding their blazing performances to packed houses that are the signature of these two musical giants. Their debut album, “Body Under The Floor” was a critical triumph, being such a well kept secret that it was never actually released. Name an instrument, and it’s for sure that one of them plays it better than the other. 
Be prepared to be steamrollered. These boys are PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS.
 “I liked what these guys were tryin’ to do…”  ~Bob Dylan, house concert attendee.


Dodd & Egenes: The Un-Workshop

Johns Dodd and Egenes will reveal some of their deepest musical secrets in this select get together of the like-minded. Explore music making and performance through the eyes of the masters, while embarking upon an adventure based within the music of the spheres and the untold stories of the mystics of long ago.

There will be no formal agenda here, no predictable, machine-washed industry course on how to make it in the music business. You will not learn how to play the guitar or ukulele, or how to write and sing a song. Instead, as they usually do, Dodd and Egenes will make it all up on the spot. Your job will be to ask questions and offer your observations on whichever topics you prefer. The two music swamis will be there to guide the gathering through a transcendental journey of musical sustenance and nourishment (bring your own food...).

Don't forget to bring your instrument. There's a good chance you'll need it.


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