Hailing from Auckland, this alternative folk trio has a distinctive style of catchy melodies, poly-rhythms, and tight-knit, complex vocal harmonies. Their vintage sound is reminiscent of CSN and Joni Mitchell. From a band making waves in Auckland's acoustic music scene, Tweed's debut album - High-Brow Blues, is a lively, earnest reflection on the peculiar shared experience of circling a star.

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Vocal Harmony: Beyond the basics

Join Tweed for an interactive workshop in which we explore how to add life and body to a piece of music through arrangement (determining placement of harmony within the piece of music), layering (building and developing harmony throughout the piece of music), dissonance (adding interest and complexity to harmony), and delivery (using diction and dynamics to realise the potential of good harmony).

Polyrhythms for Kids

An exciting and interactive journey into noise-making involving chanting, tapping, snapping, clapping and a little jangling to channel noisy creativity into rhythmic possibility. Warning: high volumes encouraged!



3:30pm, Wednesday 2nd

Harmony: 1:30pm, Tuesday 1st
Kid’s: 10:30am, Monday 31st

“It’s honest songwriting...with a very unpretentious feel. Traditional motifs are delivered in a modern fashion with relaxed confidence, a cohesive vibe and some great harmonies.”
— New Zealand Musician