This stringband is a collaboration of four young musicians who are proving to be a force upon the old time music scenes in New Zealand and Australia. They all met at a large old time music gathering in West Virginia, and have since travelled and played together whenever they chanced to be in the same place. The four all hail from different corners of the globe.

Flora Knight from Dunedin, Kat Mear from Melbourne, Sean Donald from Toronto and Aaron Searcy from Knoxville. Flora & Sean are local old time favourites in Dunedin and Kat is a powerful fiddle player & Aaron is a banjo/guitar/fiddle multi instrumentalist and together they have formed 'The New Pigface Stringband' their duo based in Melbourne. Kat has played with many exciting bluegrass and country outfits coming out of Australia including 'Uncle Bill', 'Cash Savage & The Last Drinks', 'Freya Josephine Hollick' to name a few. Aaron moved to Australia, after having spent many years in the thick of a thriving community of young musicians and creative folks in and around Knoxville, Tennessee.

The four teamed up together make a strong square dance band and can slip between raging fiddle tune stringband numbers to crooney country classics with seamless three-part harmonies.


Virtuostic Australian fiddle player, Kat Mear of the Pigface Family String Band, will teach you about old time fiddle, show how it differs from bluegrass and you will leave with a new tune! Bring your fiddles!



To be announced