The Phil Corfield Band is an originals band; music that is lyrical and melodic, with folk, country, blues and pop roots. The songs, usually in story form, reflect the landscape, the people and the culture of New Zealand and Australia.

 “I grew up with 50s, 60s & 70s music. Look at any Top 40 chart from the period 1965/69 and they are packed with classic songs, from a time when new forms were being created and music was the definition of a youth culture that spanned the world. I carry that whole time with me. The great songs of that era are a standard I measure myself by. 

I was always taken by the soulful folk musicians, like Harry Belafonte, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Gordon Lightfoot. Also the British Invasion bands of the 60s and all those bands from the U.S. West Coast, that were influenced by The Beatles. The Byrds with Roger McGuinn on 12 string and Dylans songs, still ring in my ears. A bit later came ‘Jefferson Airplane’ who at the start had folk roots which evolved into a unique blend that captured the soul, enlightenment and perils of Psychedelica in the late 60s early 70s."  

Phil has been writing songs for 36 years, an endeavour that started in a North Otago farmhouse at Enfield, when he worked nights at the Majestic Theatre in Oamaru. 
Early success came in 1985 when two songs, ‘The Brass Monkey Rally’ and ‘Misty’ entered the public domain. The former, released as a ’45’, was played at the famous rally in Central Otago by the North Otago outfit ‘The RagTag Band’. This group was the first to play at the rally. 
‘Misty’ in the same year, won the ‘Gold Guitars Amateur Songwriting Award'. This competition morphed into the 'Mataura Licensing Trust Songwriting Award', which Corfield was a finalist in, in 2014 with the song ‘Earnscleugh Road’. 
There have been 4 studio albums, two with ’The Troubadours of Mercury' and around 180 songs written since those early years. The fourth album, ‘Walking Through Worlds’ was released in September 2017.

From the start Phil has been blessed with wonderful musicians to play with. With these musicians the songs can be fully realised. “I write the lyrics and the melody and I can sing and strum a guitar. The rest is mainly left to the musicians in the band. It is their creativity, their originality and virtuosity, that truly brings these songs to life. These musicians are my co-creators. Their interpretation, the beauty they bring to the songs, constantly surprises and delights me”.

There is strength throughout the current band and most are songwriters in their own right. Jean Barkman (Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, 8 string Uke, Eggs) is a multi award winning performer. A musician who started out with ’Sundays Problem’ on the brewery circuit, in the 1970s. John Sule (Bass, Backing Vocals) is a veteran of many Wellington and Dunedin bands. His sense of melody, timing and arrangements is superb. Dave Coleclough (Lead Electric Guitar, Harmony Vocals) works full time in music as a singer/songwriter and in various Dunedin bands, as well as a teaching. A dedicated professional, he has an Honours Degree in Music from the University of Otago. 

Steve Hudson (Drums) was born into a musical family. He currently plays with his brothers Read and Chris in the ‘Hooray Henrys’ and works, both in the studio and live, with a line up of prominent Dunedin musicians. He worked as a drummer in Australia for many years, before returning to New Zealand.

We are excited to be playing as guests at the 2017/8 Whare Flat Music Festival.





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