A vocal quartet and string band from Dunedin, New Zealand. Formed in 1989, The Chaps have been impressing and amusing audiences all over NZ and Europe. Variously described as banjoless bluegrass, hornless jazz or drumless rock, they have successfully eluded categorisation. So they invented their own – Cowboy Lounge.

‘Quirky’ was the inescapable label that followed them around. They never set out to be a humorous act but sometimes four half-wits add up to a wit. All four were accomplished songwriters and soon these songs began fill the setlist. After the sad and untimely death of Marcus Turner in 2016 and some time in deep reflection, the band filled his musical size twelves with fine friend and fellow fiddler, Anna Bowen and commenced their third tour of Europe. The Chaps have re-emerged and are as original and vibrant as ever.

Ladies and Gentlemen, direct from the Cowboy Lounge: The Chaps! They ride again.





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