Like a Mardi Gras on a Monday! 

Rising from the sodden Otago ground to fill your brains with swampy soul and blues: it’s Tahu and the Takahēs! Singer/songwriter, native bird wrangler and mad scientist Tahu Mackenzie cobbled the Takahēs band together from dismembered parts of Dunedin’s musical soul land: singer/guitarist Billy ‘King’ Morris, trumpet player Jonathon ‘Sugar Drawers’ Holloway, keyboardist Robin ‘See-that-man, Hear-that-man’ Cederman, saxophonist Hamish ‘HamSax’ Fyfe, backing vocalist “Nir-Hana” Fahy, Benton Glassey (who puts the Ass in Bass) and Drummer Chris Butchard (who is simultaneously Butch and Hard). The Takahēs now flutter their flightless wings across the vast expanse of Aotearoa in search of human hearts to feast upon, conjuring a peaty stew of country, blues and New Orlean’s soul with a touch of psychedelic zombie love for good measure. 

Be warned: the Takahēs are a living, breathing, prehistoric band that has outlived the forces of predation and evolution to entertain, amuse and enthrall!





To be announced