Sweet Hurricane is the Dunedin vocal duo of Denis Gordon and Imogen Coxhead. Denis has a long history in the local folk scene. He started singing in the local church choir as soon as he could hold a tune and hasn’t stopped singing since. When the folk scene beckoned in the 1970s he soon found himself in a succession of groups with a strong focus on vocal harmony, with the ukulele & recorder of school days replaced with guitar and whistles.

Imogen, perhaps best know for her role in the duo Peninsula Envy, has been singing at folk club and folk festivals in one guise or another, for the last twenty-five years. Brought up in a large family where doing the dishes was accompanied by round-singing, music runs in her blood.

With the help of a few instruments to hold it all together, Sweet Hurricane produces dulcet vocal harmonies to tickle your ears, put a twinkle in your eye, and send a shiver up your spine.



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