Guitar Tuning in Songwriting

 - Frank Burkitt

Songwriters and guitarists will explore how different guitar tunings can enhance the music you write and give you new and exciting techniques to keep your music fresh and unique. We’ll also discuss songwriting and how each individual goes about it.

10:30 Monday 31st - Workshop Space


 - C. Daniel Boling

Daniel is an award-winning songwriter (Kerrville Folk Festival - New Folk, Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, Walnut Valley Acoustic Music Festival and more) based in New Mexico, USA. Daniel will present a workshop on songwriting including tips for beginners, Q&A for all levels and song critiques - if time permits.

3:30 Tuesday 1st - Workshop Space

What Comes First, the Lyric or the Lyric

 - Andrew London

Most of Andrew London’s ‘signature’ songs are of a comic and or/satirical theme, often inspired by trivial and banal random comments overheard (eg. ’Country’s Buggered’,’Let’s Talk About Me’) or aspects of everyday life in NZ. This workshop explores how a simple lyrical phrase can suggest style, tempo, time signature, and even the melody of the song, using Andrew’s songs and popular hits. There will also be discussion on the use of the rubato (‘introductory verse’ common in show songs) as a bridge between dialogue and music. Come prepared with a random comment or statement you’ve heard that day that you think would make a good song title.

1:30 Wednesday 2nd - Hall

A ‘chill’ workshop where to discuss elements of songwriting, methods for collaborative song composition and how to work around the challenges of writer’s block. Bring a pen and paper if you can and feel free to bring along a favourite poem or story for inspiration.

1:30 Monday 31st - Hall

Songwriting Scramble

 - Painted Blind