- Donna Dean

Donna introduces us to tips and techniques on how to write a song. With more than twenty years of songwriting experience in song craft, this will be a workshop not to be missed. Bring your instrument along if you want but it's not a must.

How to engage your audience

 - Albi and the Wolves

From the moment you make your set to the last note of your concert it is important to think about how to draw your audience in. The order of your songs and the clothes you wear may seem insignificant but each little thing put together works to get an audience on your side.
So come join Albi and The Wolves for some tips and tricks as well as some rarer songs in their catalog at this workshop.

Arrange a song

 - Kim and Dusty

Work with Kim and Dusty to learn their tips and tricks for arranging a song.
·      Song choice
·      Phrasing and breath control
·      Harmonies; where to add them; the different parts and possibilities
·      Dynamics and how to build a song
·      Making the most of your instrumentation
Bring your instruments and/or voices as this will be a workshop that will require active participation.

The songwriters art comes to to fruition verse to verse, song to song. You have collection of material that all vaguely fits what? In an age of digital downloads, singles and random selection is the esoteric art of making album an anachronism? Apparently not. More albums are being made and distributed than ever before, largely independently. Dunedin songwriter Matt Langley has been writing, producing and recording for twenty years and has made ten albums of original and collaborative material.

Join Matt for an investigation of the modern trials and joys of putting together your own album and why it's still the coolest thing you can do (especially if it's on vinyl).

Making an album

 - Matt Langley