Vocal Harmony: Beyond the Basics

 - Tweed

Join Tweed for an interactive workshop to explore how to add life and body to a piece of music through: arrangement (determining placement of harmony within the piece of music), layering (building and developing harmony throughout the piece of music), dissonance (adding interest and complexity to harmony), delivery (using diction and dynamics to realise the potential of good harmony).

1:30 Tuesday 1st - Workshop Space

Messing around with a Song

 - Lindsey Shields

You’ll learn one of Lindsey’s original songs and then mess around with it. If the magic works, we’ll include it in Lindsey’s evening concert.

1:30 Wednesday 2nd - Workshop Space

Sing in harmony through the simplicity of rounds.

3:30 Wednesday 2nd - Workshop Space

Singing Around

 - Kirsty Bromley