Crossing Sounds

 - Mentalist Collective

Crossing Sounds is an experimental performance that combines completely acoustic instrumentation with blindfolds. Prepare yourself for a unique musical experience; depriving you of your primary sense to heighten the others. Audience members are blindfolded and seated in a room and a performance of original, acoustic folk-rock music filled with a wide range of instrumentation and vocal harmony will surround and move about you.

1:30 Monday 31st - Hall

Tales from a Working Musician

 - Adam McGrath

Adam is legendary for never-quit attitude to gigging, with or without a PA, a band or even a full set of strings. He has surfed couches, bunked down in halls and stayed up all night in the spirit of the true troubadour. He has more stories than the bible, so come and listen to tales from a working musician.

2:30 Wednesday 2nd - Workshop Space

Feldenkrais for Musicians

 - Catherine Spencer

If you’ve ever experienced discomfort or pain while playing or performing, you can learn how to apply yourself with increasing ease by understanding you’re currently doing and leaving behind unhelpful habits. Join Catherine Spencer, certified Feldenkrais ® Practitioner for an introduction to what the Method can do to make your music-making easier and more pleasurable. Bring your instruments and something to lie on.

1:30 Monday 31st - Workshop Space