Youth Band

 - Rhodeworks

Part 1: Meet and Greet. Learn how these boys started on their musical journey and how it has evolved into something unexpected. Bring your voice and your instrument of choice and join in with some songs taught by the boys.

11:30 Monday 31st - Troop Den

Part 2: This workshop will refine the songs taught in the first workshop. Anyone who missed the first workshop can come along and catch up. These songs will be performed at the festival Youth Concert.

1:30 Tuesday 1st - Hall

Children’s Songwriting

 - Rainbow Rosalind

Join Award-Winning Children’s Singer/Songwriter Rainbow Rosalind for a workshop on children’s songwriting, welcome to kids and adults of all ages! Bring along all your best creative ideas, and we will write a song together, to present at the Kids and Punters concert on the 2nd of December!

9:30 Monday 31st - Troop Den

Polyrhythms for Kids

 - Tweed

An exciting and interactive journey into noise-making involving chanting, tapping, snapping, clapping and a little jangling to channel noisy creativity into rhythmic possibility. Warning: high volumes encouraged!

10:30 Monday 31st - Troop Den

Fairy Dancing

It’s time for some fairy dancing, with New Zealand’s real fairy - Rainbow Rosalind! Learn all the cool moves to the brand new song written in Rainbow Rosalind’s 1st workshop, and perform it on stage with Rainbow Rosalind in the Kids and Punters concert at 11:30!

9:30 Wednesday 2nd - Troop Den

 - Rainbow Rosalind

Take a walk on the wild side with environmental educator Tahu Mackenzie! Explore a multitude of micro habitats and meet stream critters, Beautiful birds, native tree-sures and more! Then copy the Kereru and make your own magic, pretend, poo bomb to help plants grow!

1:30 Monday 31st - Troop Den

Eco Workshop

- Tahu McKenzie

Celebrate the festival by helping to make a miniature version of it. You will be supplied with the parts and instructions, you must bring your local knowledge and creativity. Let’s MakeMini [Whare Flat Folk Festival] together!

1:30 Wednesday 2nd - Troop Den

MakeMini [Whare Flat]

- Luke Easterbrook