Morris Dance for kids

 - Jack Frost

Come and grab a stick from Jack Frost's collection, and learn how to use it in this Morris dancing for kids workshop

Jack Frost is a lively, irreverent Morris dancing side in Dunedin, New Zealand. As far as we know, we are the southernmost performing Morris side in the world. (Although Morris dancing has taken place in the Antarctic, we haven't heard of a permanent side being established there yet.)

Morris is an energetic and entertaining traditional English dance form, usually performed with sticks or handkerchiefs to the accompaniment of instrumental music. Jack Frost's instrumental arsenal currently consists of pipe and tabor, and piano accordion, but in the past has included melodeon, tin whistle, djembe, mandolin, concertina, fiddle, rauschpfeife and badger.

Kids Eco Workshop

 - Tahu (Tahu & the Takahes)

Take a walk on the wild side with environmental educator Tahu Mackenzie!
Explore a multitude of micro habitats and meet stream critters, Beautiful birds, native
tree-sures and more! Then copy the kereru and make you own magic pretend poo
bomb to help plants grow!

Youth Band

 - Sarah Lawrence

The youth band will be a chance for younger festival-goers to meet new people, build a
group from scratch and learn some songs. Participants should bring along their
instruments and voices for a good time making music. Age bracket - 18 and under.

Max number of people: 15

"Creatures" - Interactive Installation

 - Luke Easterbrook

The Concept - 'Creatures'
Be the author. Be the artist. Be the sculptor. Let's collaborate and make some
creatures! Participants are invited to collectively make creatures by:

1. Writing the description of an imaginary creature on the left hand panel of a card.
2. Handing in their description and receiving someone else's description.
3. Drawing a creature that someone else has described on the right hand panel of
the card.
4. Handing in their drawing and receiving someone else's drawing.
5. Sculpting a creature based on other people's description and drawing.

Each creature is the work of three people and each person contributes to three