Irish Harp Music: Authentic O’Carolan

 - Máire Ní Chathasaigh

Turlough O'Carolan expressed himself musically in several styles. He composed some music with Baroque influence, as well as Irish court harp music, and some traditional Irish dance music. Each needs a different approach. You wouldn't play a slow air that sounded baroque, or a baroque piece that sounded like a slow air. Máire will take familiar tunes and teach snippets of each in their specific authentic style to give you a real feel of the differences.

All instruments and all levels welcome. No music reading required. Recording devices welcome.

The guitar in traditional Irish and Scottish music

 - Chris Newman

How to create “open-sounding” accompaniments for traditional tunes without resorting to DADGAD, how to create interesting and appropriate rhythms and how to ornament tunes in a stylistically accurate way.

Slow Jam

 - The Pipi Pickers

Musicians of all levels are welcome to an introductory bluegrass “Slow Jam.”  The Pipis will work through three traditional bluegrass songs, and play through them at a very slow pace.  On the “strength in numbers” principle, each instrument (traditional bluegrass instruments: banjo, fiddle, mandolin, double bass, guitar, dobro) group will play their “break” at the same time, so nobody is put on the spot. Singers are especially encouraged to come along and add some beautiful harmonies. We’ll also talk about the Circle of Fifths and how it applies to bluegrass and jam sessions.

Click here is to find the chord and lyric sheets for our slow jam songs.

Pascal Roggen has broken his bread playing the electric violin internationally with a huge variety of acts and DJ's for the last 25 years. In this workshop he will talk about how his instrument fits into Albi and The Wolves as a band component and also he will cover some different takes on what a violinist can do with their approach to how they write and improvise their parts and lead breaks.

What can't the violin do

 - Pascal Roggen (Albi and the Wolves)

Greg Waite will explain the intricacies of the Uilleann Pipes and the different features that they contribute to the style of Irish music. There will also be the opportunity for participants to strap on a set of pipes and try them out

Introduction to the Uilleann Pipes

 - Greg Waite


Kletzmer fiddle

 - Richard Klein