Grim Fawkner is an itinerant minstrel, whose acoustic works range from upbeat folk/country, to soulful balladry, with elements of blues, pop & indie thrown in.

He is a self taught guitarist and vocalist, has been self-managed and performing for 4 years and has toured extensively across Australia & NZ. He has mentored under Melbourne music stalwarts such as Charles Jenkins (Icecream Hands), Rebecca Barnard, and Davy Lane (You Am I).

Grim Fawkner's music is fresh and unique enough to set it apart, yet with enough pop sensibility that it is accessible by all music appreciators. It is his high intensity and passion for performing live though that keeps him in the minds of all who see him play.


Shut up: How NOT to Busk

Grim Fawkner, world famous street musician, millionaire philanthropist, much celebrated fashion icon, and first musician to sing on Jupiter, tells all in this 50 min workshop on how to turn rusty strings and dusty clothes into a career of lavish luxury and adoration.

Learn the basic laws of the concrete jungle, from the science of singing at a wall and the benefits of looking poor, how to convince people to throw things of value at you, and how best to musically annoy friends and strangers alike to the point of potential jail time.

POP TRIVIA: Did you know hieroglyphs have been found of ancient Egyptians singing "Slice of Heaven" for money? You, through Grim's expert tuition, will also learn the ancient art of auralchemy - turning sound into gold (or whatever coins are made out of).

Come one and all and enjoy your bright future in the music industry as Grim teaches you some dos and many don'ts in Shut Up: how NOT to busk. 

NB:Includes actual good advice and tricks of the trade for aspiring street performers.



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