Award-winning artists, fiddler & step-dancer Gillian Boucher (Canada) and singer/guitarist Bob McNeill (Scotland) are taking audiences by storm with their fiesty stage act, compelling songs and riveting tunes.
Having rediscovered a musical connection forged on the road ten years ago, they have finally decided to do something about it, and they are certainly a musical force to be reckoned with. Kicking off their collaborative debut with a tour of New Zealand including an enthralling performance at the Wellington Folk Festival and an upcoming featured performance at the Auckland Folk Festival, the duo will be hitting the road imminently for extensive tours of Canada, the UK and Australia.

Gillian's fiddle style is unique; she seamlessly blends the music of her ancestors with contemporary sounds, enthralling not only with the serene beauty of her music but with her stage persona and skills.  With Bob's innovative, rhythmic accompaniment, they present a truly dynamic yet sensitive acoustic conversation that is not to be missed. Heart wrenching slow airs and riveting arrangements of songs and tunes, Gillian Boucher & Bob McNeill take what you know about traditional Scottish music and bring it to another level altogether.


Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle

Learn tunes and techniques from this infamous Canadian Island so well known for its preservation of 18th and 19th traditional Scottish music, language, song and dance.

Cape Breton Scottish Step & Square Dance

Learn some basic jig and reel steps and the lively three figures of the famous “Mabou Set” from Cape Breton Island.



3:30pm, Tuesday 1st

Fiddle: 3:30pm, Monday 31st
Dance: 10:30am, Tuesday 1st