Learn to Waltz

 - Bernadette Berry

Bernadette started her dance ‘career’ by learning and then teaching Irish dance. Her association with the Pog Band led her to take up dance calling and over the years of involvement with the folk world she has expanded her knowledge of folk dance to encompass the traditions of many European and Middle Eastern countries as well as American folk dances.

This workshop focuses on the social dancing aspect of waltz and giving you the ability to get up when a waltz is played and have a nice time.

10:30 Monday 31st - Hall

Cape Breton Scottish Step & Square Dance

 - Gillian Boucher

Learn some basic jig and reel steps and the lively three figures of the famous “Mabou Set” from Cape Breton Island.

10:30 Tuesday 1st - Hall

Balboa: Vintage Swing Era Dance

 - Swing Riot

Swing Riot are back again with Kieran and Sibby sharing their knowlege of Swing dance. This time it’s a dance style called ‘Balboa’. This is partnered dance (but you don’t need to come with a partner!) that originated in Southern California during the 1920s and enjoyed huge popularity during the 1930s and 1940s. Balboa is known for its fancy footwork and is perfect for those fast paced swing numbers! www.swingriot.com

10:30 Wednesday 2nd - Hall