Subtle and occasionally subversive satirical songs about the trivia and minutiae of daily life from the point of view of a middle-aged, middle-class, Middle Earther, delivered in a deceptively innocuous 1940s swing style with occasional forays into folk, blues, country and hip-hop.

This trio carries on in the tradition of Hot Club Sandwich, who have toured extensively throughout New Zealand since the early 1990s, enabling singer/songwriter Andrew London to gather material from the shearing sheds of Southland to the corporate boardrooms of Queen Street. Themes cover the gamut from pretentious socialites, male insecurity and modern parenthood to driving habits, rugby culture and the depredations of ageing.

The obvious opportunity for humour in these themes is eagerly seized upon and exploited mercilessly, but occasional poignancy and pathos are never far away. Beatle-esque vocal harmonies are added by Kirsten London on bass and ex-HCS sax/clarinettist Nils Olsen. Will appeal to an audience who like Folk, jazz, comedy audiences, fans of satire and musical comedy.


What Comes First, the Lyric or the Lyric

Most of Andrew London’s ‘signature’ songs are of a comic and or/satirical theme, often inspired by trivial and banal random comments overheard (eg. ’Country’s Buggered’,’Let’s Talk About Me’) or aspects of everyday life in NZ. This workshop explores how a simple lyrical phrase can suggest style, tempo, time signature, and even the melody of the song, using Andrew’s songs and popular hits. There will also be discussion on the use of the rubato (‘introductory verse’ common in show songs) as a bridge between dialogue and music. Come prepared with a random comment or statement you’ve heard that day that you think would make a good song title.



4:30pm, Tuesday 1st

1:30pm, Wednsday 2nd