Rules and site info

The festival itself is on the Waiora Scout Camp site and has full vehicle access to many secluded campsites, good toilet and shower facilities and a treated water supply. Camping is easy and pleasant. As with most places in the South Island, expect a full range of weathers. Even in cooler temperatures, the sun is deceptively harsh with high UV content so hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must. Nights can be quite cold. There are no overtly dangerous animals or plants in New Zealand but insect repellent can be a good thing where sandflies are concerned. Huhu beetles are big and scary but a totally harmless prehistoric native - please don't feel compelled to kill them.

Festival Code of Conduct: A few do's and don'ts for participants

The Whare Flat Folk Festival is a family-friendly festival: here are some things we encourage and discourage.

  • Please take responsibility for the cleanliness of your camp site. Leave nothing behind when you leave. Make sure that if there is music emanating from your campsite, there is someone playing it. Radios and recorded music are eschewed.
  • The festival works best when people are engaged in it, so feel free to offer your hand to help out from time to time.
  • You are responsible for your own behaviour and that of your kids. Children's activities are not baby-sitting services.
  • Please use alcohol legally and responsibly. This includes not providing it to minors.
  • For those that feel the need to bring their pets, there is a specific camping area for you (please ask at the gate). They must be kept there and not brought into the festival proper, restrained or not.
  • The festival organisers reserve the right to evict anyone whose behaviour is sufficiently disruptive or unsafe, or are not wearing the appropriate wrist-band.
  • There are plenty of areas for late-night carousal, singing and jamming. Please respect others' need for sleep in the camping areas.
  • Our festival is easy-going and friendly, but it is is sensible to keep valuable instruments and alcohol locked in your vehicle when your campsite is unattended.
  • Finally, respect the performances and keep noise and chatter to a minimum during concerts, especially around the bar and cafe area.

We have first-aid assistance and security personnel for your safety so enjoy the festival. Camp Mother, Iain "Mitch" Mitchell, will make himself known to you on the evening of the 30th, he is your go-to person for emergencies, lost and found and various adminstrivia.