Energising acoustic world music duo Alpaca Social Club comprises longtime full time musicians: Craig Denham (Beyondsemble/Mamaku Project) on piano accordion, low whistle, piano, percussion and vocals; and Jon Sanders (Sanders Alley Khan/ Beyondsemble/ solo) on guizouki bass, ukes, stomp and vocals. They create world music soundscapes which are sometimes anthemic, sometimes intimate, but always compelling in their delivery.

Alpaca Social Club will be launching their album over New Year in NZ. It features original compositions in Celtic, Middle Eastern, gypsy swing and african styles and is great for getting the party started! Jon is based between NZ and Ireland while Craig travels between Czech and NZ. Back in 2012, they decided to create a sound that fuses 120 bass piano accordion with double stringed bass bouzouki, underpinned by infectious percussion and harmonious vocals. Five years later, tried and tested around the world at festivals like WOMAD, the duo believe they have achieved that goal with a live act and live sounding album that has been called a “quantum leaping musical curiosity that refuses to be boxed in” (Irish Times).





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