Tony Burt and Karen Jones with special guest Hanna Wiskari Griffiths bring together a unique blend of instruments and music from Americana, Celtic and Swedish folk traditions.

As ”Across the Great Divide”, Tony and Karen have always enjoyed merging the music and styles they were respectively familiar with, to come up with something a little different. Karen took up the challenge of applying Celtic guitar to fast rousing bluegrass, Americana tunes and Tony’s original compositions. Tony in turn, arranged dobro for Celtic airs and fiddle tunes to accompany Karen’s exquisite harp performance and blistering paced guitar fuelled jigs and reels

Adding to this exciting dynamic is saxophonist and Swedish folk artist Hanna Wiskari Griffiths with the rhythms and melodies borne from the Scandinavian homeland. The combined result creates something new, a unique sound intricately woven and all the while retaining respect for the traditions. A true folk fusion





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